Quotes About Bradley Bateman

“A brilliant administrator and a talented teacher and scholar, Brad Bateman can articulate not only the value, but also the necessity of a liberal arts education. He will enable Randolph to adapt to the dynamic changes in higher education, and above all, lead us in creating a vision for the future that builds upon our strengths.”
Jan Meriwether
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

“We eagerly welcome Dr. Bateman to Randolph College. His thoughtful and inclusive leadership style, his abiding passion for the liberal arts and his deep understanding of the student experience make him ideally suited to move the college into the future. As a nationally recognized scholar and outspoken advocate of liberal education, he will help us to tell the story of Randolph College to our various constituencies. At his previous institutions, Dr. Bateman has worked to implement creative programs that strengthen the academic program and build community. Moreover, he brings a strong interest in gender issues in higher education, which has been a hallmark of Randolph since its founding.”
Jennifer Gauthier
Associate Professor of Communication

“Dr. Bateman’s compassion, intelligence, and humor are immediately evident; as the engine to drive the College’s leadership team, his integrity and vision will carry Randolph beautifully and successfully into its next era.”
Terry Bodine
Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life

“Not only does Bradley Bateman look the part of a College President but he sounds the part. His articulate, intelligent and warm demeanor is immediately felt by all who meet him.”
Alison Townsend
Board of Trustees

“As a teacher and a professional who is truly dedicated to the enhancing the student experience and promoting the benefits of a liberal arts education, I am very excited to have Dr. Bateman as the next president of Randolph College. His leadership and vision will not only maintain our core values and traditions here at Randolph but will build upon them to create an even stronger and brighter future for our community.”
Jacob Hood ’14

“Brad is an excellent choice to guide Randolph College into the future. His background and academic experiences will enable him to interact very capably and enthusiastically with all of the Randolph constituencies. He will be a great leader for Randolph College during this exciting time of change and growth.”
Don Giles
Board of Trustees

“Dr. Bateman exquisitely integrates the competencies and gifts required to pilot Randolph College into a future marked by financial strength and broad recognition for the vision and vitality of our academic program. His considerable scholarly attainments and stout record of diverse administrative responsibilities are crowned by an avid commitment to and fluent expression of the ever more urgent relevance of a liberal arts education to living more abundantly in the 21st century.”
Gordon Steffey
Associate Professor of Religion

“This was a very satisfying search process. The search committee had to work hard because there was such a large and deep pool of applicants, with many very strong candidates. I am delighted that Brad Bateman emerged from the pool as our first choice. His experience, credentials and commitment to the liberal arts and sciences match up perfectly with Randolph College’s goals and needs. Brad has the leadership skills to engage all the college’s constituencies, and I look forward to working him as Randolph College continues to grow.”
Peter Dean
Board of Trustees