Purpose Statements

Mission Statement

Randolph College prepares students to engage the world critically and creatively, live and work honorably, and experience life abundantly.

Statement of Vision

Randolph College will be recognized for its innovative academic and co-curricular programs. Students will be challenged to develop their intellectual and creative talents, pursue educational opportunities in and out of the college community, and embrace honorable living, all as the basis for success in a changing world.

The College’s foundation will be its historically distinguished liberal arts curriculum, rich traditions, and beautiful campus. An outstanding academic environment, led by a noted faculty, will support learning in both traditional and new programs of study that are of interest to today’s students. Randolph graduates will be prepared for the challenges of the future, where personal contribution and accountability are required. Randolph College will attract students seeking open-minded engagement with different cultures and disciplines. Their educational experiences at Randolph will result in personal growth and the exploration of original thought.

The College will attain optimal and sustainable enrollment, supported by a collaborative faculty, administration and staff. Engaged alumnae and alumni will contribute as well, in keeping with the College’s motto, vita abundantior, as they combine experiences at the College with accomplishments after graduation.

Statement of Values

Randolph College students will engage the world critically and creatively.

Randolph College will combine the liberal arts with innovative educational programming to provide a context for intellectual development and career preparation. A Randolph College education will prepare graduates to take their places in a complex world. Randolph College students will be active participants in their own educations. Combining instruction with research and leadership opportunities, students will contribute to their own personal and intellectual growth. They will have a wealth of academic, artistic, athletic, civic, and other opportunities through which to express their creativity. Critical thinking skills will be emphasized, as written and oral communication skills are combined with scientific and quantitative skills. Randolph’s programs will prepare students to make critical judgments, weigh competing factors, and apply sound analysis.

Randolph College students will live and work honorably.

Randolph College will deliberately and overtly incorporate its Honor Code and Honor System into educational and community programs. The values inherent in this code have become essential in the digital age. The College is committed to the preservation and utilization of its Honor Code, which serves as the basis for students’ lives within the community and provides the bedrock for lives of integrity. Randolph College students will acquire knowledge of disciplines that emphasize honor and integrity at work in human endeavors. They will experience life in an honor-bound community while learning to analyze broad societal issues. Ultimately, they will be recognized for their unwavering commitment to academic and personal integrity. This will be a hallmark distinguishing Randolph College and its graduates.

Randolph College students will experience life abundantly.

Randolph College will provide a trajectory to success, contribution, and fulfillment. From its inception in 1891 as Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, Randolph College has recognized the value of the “life more abundant” – not for personal gratification or in a materialistic sense, but as an expression of the importance of appreciating the world in all its complexity, engaging with others, achieving personal growth, and meeting the needs of the community. In support of this objective, Randolph College students will receive individual attention that promotes the personal and intellectual growth of each student. They will develop lifelong skills, set and achieve goals, and explore new areas of interest. Furthermore, they will appreciate the importance of serving others as well as meeting personal ambitions.